They are the national dish of Belgium. We are talking about French fries. Crispy, golden brown and delicious – they are the fast food par excellence and our specialty. We’ll show you what kind of taste sensations you can conjure up with fries.

Our potato specialties come from 11er – a traditional Austrian family business based in Vorarlberg. We only use high-quality, yellow-fleshed potatoes from Austria and Bavaria.

Are you planning an event? Take advantage of our catering service. We take into account the individual requirements of each event and create a personalized offer according to your culinary and price expectations. Highest quality, attention to detail – creatively implemented by our kitchen team.

The founder of Fries Fiction is Gerald Zaininger from Vienna. After successfully graduating from the hospitality college in Vienna, Gerald Zaininger gained his first kitchen experience in the most famous Viennese hotels, the Hilton Vienna Plaza under the management of Werner Matt, the Hotel Sacher and the Hotel Imperial, where he was also awarded the „Golden Reindl“ in 2000.

Further stations in Vienna were the Meinl am Graben, the Restaurant zum schwarzen Kameel and the Barbaro. To further expand his experience, he joined the kitchen brigade at „The Wharf“ on the Grand Cayman Islands. There, Zaininger was honoured with two Gold Awards, a Silver Award and the „Best Hot Appetizer at the Culinary Competition“ award. He then went to Norway as sous-chef at the renowned Grand Hotel Oslo. Within a very short time, he became head chef at the gourmet restaurant there, where he received the highest marks from restaurant critics and where the Michelin Guide also took notice of his work and recommended it as an „innovative cooking restaurant“. Zaininger has cooked four times at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. He was also hired several times for the private kitchen of the King of Norway.

For family reasons, Zaininger moved to Bodø in northern Norway, where he worked as a chef in one of the best hotels in the city. He then went on a cruise ship with the world-famous Hurtigruten Cruises.

After 22 years of experience abroad, Zaininger now wants to take off with FriesFiction.

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